Update: Upgrade Your Equips With Gems!

This update sees a huge change in the customization options of equipment. You can make your own Bronze pickaxe with +10 mining, +6 exploration and +5 defense and name it whatever you want. Troll your friends with a ‘Sword of the Ancients’ that gives +2 knitting.

A new smithing skill has been added which is closely tied to your success with gem upgrades. The ruby and emerald gems deal with (more…)

Mystera Legends Season 7 Begins

A fresh start for everyone begins now as the old players and items have been wiped. You have 3 months this season, on September 13th the top players will be posted. Congrats to Jopah for topping the level chart and reaching level 250 of skytower last season:

1   Jopah      120****
2   SPKrylos   82****
3   Terry      99***
4   Andywho    93**
5   Kitori     61**

Client Update: Nice HP Bars!

I finished adding HP bars for players, NPCs, and structures. The damage done (or health repaired) shows as a separate color temporarily. There is also a little construction effect and sound now. The damage numbers have been shrunk and redesigned a bit. I also implemented a minor movement update and a fix to stacked interactive objects. Come check it out!

Underworld Update

It’s finally here, along with some other exciting changes as well. There are several levels to explore and each one looks unique. Build a stairway to start the journey downwards. Be careful not to get stranded.. stairways can only be destroyed from below. The beginning will be mostly open exploration and free of dangerous (more…)