Underworld Progress Report

skellyAnother fairly quiet week, but I’m still working every day on the next update. Recently I finished some code that makes the cave walls look smooth and not blocky, they are also shorter so they don’t obscure the whole tile above them like stone walls do. There is enough content planned that (more…)

Release imminent! Towers, Breeding, Smooth Tiles.

Observing a turtle fight a horsefly.

Another update and a small screenshot to show off the new smooth tiling I implemented today. Grass, snow, and desert tiles will automatically wrap around any other terrain, and it looks great!

Tall ominous towers have been added that automatically take nearby arrows and fire them at anyone who isn’t part of their creator’s tribe. When any player or animal is wounded they will drip blood depending on how bad their health is. Certain animals can now breed with one another under special conditions. If farmers create a nice romantic (more…)