+Bonuses from Chests!

chestIn case you didn’t see the patch notes in the forums, you can now find +1, +2, and the rare +3 enhanced armor and weapons from treasure chests in the underworld. These bonuses are for the natural armor/damage stats – so you can still boost it further with gems and theoretically make a +8 damage weapon! This would be rare to find, but your ‘questing’ skill will increase the chance. It will also increase the chance you get bonus quantities from stacking treasures. Now go make the best equipment in the game, most likely dying a few times along the way ­čÖé

RIP Jopah Pino – A Legend Has Fallen

Our top player at 106 levels has met their end. They were the top Frost Legion member, one who often contributed to public works and world discovery. It wasn’t a glorious battle or dastardly plan that did him in, but rather starvation and several pokes from a bat underground while distracted by a wife.

Their descendant, who also happens to be named Jopah, is level 61 with a large store of angel dust and determination. Though this new top legend may remain for a very long time, and the leaderboards are suddenly a lot more even. The world keeps changing, as the players write their own history. If others come into power will we miss how things used to be? It’s in your hands.

A Whole New World

The overworld has more than doubled in size, and the underworld is 3 times as deep. Also, we are now officially on a dedicated server! I hope to make up the costs with future supporters, but it’s so nice to not have lag with lots of players on.┬áMore optimizations are coming still, so we may have a very busy world eventually. Here’s what else is new: (more…)

Pre-Map Expansion Update

Things are getting a bit crowded, for those who want to stretch their legs I’m preparing to add a lot of extra room to explore. The underworld will be deeper, and I am working on a primitive form of sea travel so look for that soon as well. In preparation for more room and higher wildlife population caps I’ve made a few optimizations among other changes: (more…)